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Beer Drinkers Post-Halloween Hangover Risk Reduced as Prices Rise in Laos

Beer price on rise

Beer drinkers beware this Halloween!

Lao Brewery Company announced wholesale price increases to retailers of its flagship beverage Beerlao on Monday, October 29.

Suppliers and retailers were notified of the price increases for the popular beverage being implemented to offset higher production and distribution costs, according to the company’s public …

Lao Fuel Prices Rise Again in 2017

Lao Fuel Price Increases in 2017

Lao fuel prices increased for the first time this year on January 20, in line with increases on the world market.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced the price increase this week, on the heels of two price increases last month.

Below are increased prices for fuel

Vegetable Prices Increased over New Year

Lao vegetable prices

Vegetable prices rose over the new year holiday period, while the market price of meat remained steady.

Each new year, the prices of vegetables including onions, mint, coriander, tomatoes, morning glory, Chinese cabbage, and lettuce tend to increase due to a shortage in supply.

Although a request has been made …

No Stop To Rising Fuel Prices in Laos

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced a fuel price increase across the country to match the rise in fuel prices on the world market, to take effect from yesterday.

This is the second fuel price hike this month, with the first occurring on December 15.

In Vientiane the …

Fuel Prices Rise…Yet Again

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has announced that fuel prices have increased across the country as of yesterday (December 15) in line with changes on the world market.

In Vientiane Capital, the cost of premium grade petrol has increased to 8,560, regular petrol is now 7,560 kip a litre, …

Fuel Prices Rise Again

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce on Tuesday announced that fuel prices would rise across the country as from yesterday.

In Vientiane the cost of premium grade petrol will rise from 8,350 kip to 8,500 a litre, regular petrol will increase in price from 7,350 kip to 7,500 kip a …

Capital Apartment Prices, Rents to Ease Next Year

Apartment sales prices and rents in Vientiane are expected to decrease by around 5 percent next year as more developments come onto the market, according to a leading operator in the sector.…

Fisherman Struggling with Seasonal Lower Prices

Lao fishermen, fish farmers and market traders are battling lower fish prices this rainy season as overall market supply has increased.…