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New Vientiane Bus Station Construction Delayed

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Construction of the new Vientiane bus station in Nongchan Village, in central Vientiane, has been delayed due to an amendment to its design.

Chitchareune Construction, the same developer that recently completed the new National Library of Laos, has decided to increase the height of the ground floor of the new bus station, which is to house a 12-storey shopping mall.

The new bus station, valued at US $37.5 million, is aimed at improving bus services and providing a better service to passengers.

The project is now only 23 percent complete after construction began in July 2015. The ground floor was initially to be complete in December 2016, however design changes have led to its delay.

According to Vientiane Capital authorities, the project should be completed by December 2018. Concerns have been raised as to whether the developer will be able to meet the deadline or not.

The new Vientiane bus station site will include a shopping center, office spaces, stalls and parking areas to accommodate the city’s growing number of vehicles. A bus depot zone will also be included at the site, allowing idle buses to park away from traffic flow.

The new Vientiane bus station project covers some 7,642 square meters, and the developer has been approved a concession for 70 years.

There are currently more than sixty buses utilizing the bus station site, including those running across the border to Thailand. The buses park at a side street nearby while they await completion of this project.

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