Bo Nam Hiem: The Largest Hot Springs in Laos

Hot Springs of Hiem, Huaphan

Fancy a soak and a bite to eat at the same time? Head on up to Huaphan where the hot springs of Hiem offer a relaxing bath that you can boil an egg in (or any other food products!).

The legendary province of Huaphan is where the chilly northern climes meet the lukewarm air of the magnificent hot springs of Hiem. It is here that we can witness the largest and most majestic hot springs in Laos.

While Huaphan is known for its rugged terrain, with dense mountainous forests and historical significance as the strategic base of the revolutionary Pathet Lao, few know of the mysterious hot springs of Hiem, which would give any Japanese Onsen a run for its money.

The hot springs of Hiem hold the title of being the hottest springs in the country, with a water temperature reaching as high as 100 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the spring is so heated in that a common activity for eco-tourists is egg boiling (or simmering). In addition to indulging in a natural Jacuzzi session (and a protein boost), visitors of the hot spring can enjoy the various delicious cuisines of Huaphan and enjoy cozy, forest picnics!

The hot springs of Hiem are open from 7am to 7pm. The next time you take a trip to Samneau, make sure to check out this hidden gem of natural beauty. You’re guaranteed to have a hot time!

Source & Images: Kuanjai Magazine