Lao Airlines to Reboot Inflight Magazine, Open for Advertising

Official Inflight Magazine of Lao Airlines
Official Inflight Magazine of Lao Airlines

The Lao Airlines inflight magazine, Champa Meuanglao, is to undergo a drastic change as part of a reboot that will showcase a modern and sophisticated Laos.

Production of the inflight magazine has been awarded to SMP Consultants, in partnership with RDK Group. The two companies will draw on their experience in business consulting, media and publishing to breathe new life into the magazine for the benefit of passengers on Lao Airlines flights.

With a newly designed logo, the revamped, bi-monthly publication will, like its parent airline, reflect an evolving Laos, showcasing the country’s arts and culture scene, world-famous cuisine and enduring popularity as a travel destination.

Lao Airlines Magazine Champa Meuanglao

Champa Meuanglao, the Lao Airlines magazine, will also focus on business innovation and the rapid development of Vientiane as a commercial hub in the region.

In addition to the editorial content, readers have come to rely on the advertisements in the magazine as an easy, time-efficient way to find about products and services in Laos and in the destination countries to which Lao Airlines flights travel. In a peaceful, serene environment such as an aeroplane seat, adverts stand the best possible chance for recall.

Champa Meuanglao Magazine is the nation’s prime vehicle for getting an advertiser’s message in front of the people that matter.

The benefits that advertisers can expect include:

–        a captive audience of over 900,000 passengers a year

–        distribution to hotels and ticketing offices throughout the country and in the region

–        a two-month shelf life making it more cost-effective than daily or weekly advertising vehicles

–        quality advertising production

–        ad sizes and styles to meet various budgets

For more information, contact the sales department at or by phone at  +85620 55555521, ,+856 20 55285580, or  +85620 55731717.



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