Khampha and the Ivory Princess Unites Performers From Laos and China


In a celebration of culture and cooperation between the strengthening partnership of Laos and China, 150 talented performers between the two countries, premiered an impressive stage production called “Kampha and the Ivory Princess” on May 9th at the the National Cultural Hall.

“Kampha and the Ivory Princess” is based on a local Lao fable which was modified for the stage. Reviewed as “a romantic legend of poignant love set in a luxuriant dream-like landscape redolent of the quaint beauty of Lao culture”, the play describes the battle between justice and injustice while also showcasing the art and culture of Laos as well as the melancholy, romantic love between Kampha and the Ivory Princess.

The play’s dramatic stage and beautiful production was a result of teamwork between the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism’s and  a local company in China. The partnership encouraged all participants from both countries to exchange, promote, preserve and develop art and culture between Laos and China.

With a total of six scenes and a running time of 90 minutes, the play features the work of 100 performers from all across Laos and 50 additional performers from China. The Chinese company backing the play also hosted and trained 50 performers from Laos in the performing arts for 45 days in China.

The premier of “Kampha and the Ivory Princess” drew top national figures, including the Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism and over 700 officials, honoured guests and Vientiane residents.

Though no date has been set on how long the performance will be available for viewing, guests can catch the production every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the National Culture Hall at 7:30 PM until further notice.

Front row tickets cost 300,000 kip, middle and back row tickets cost 200,000 kip and 150,000 kip respectively.