Typhoon Doksuri Wreaks Havoc in Neighboring Countries, Laos Urged to Take Safety Precautions


Hailed as Vietnam’s ‘most powerful storm in a decade’, Tropical Typhoon Doksuri made landfall in Central Vietnam today Friday, September 15th, leaving 4 dead and 10 injured.

The cyclone touched down in Ha Tinh province, with maximum sustained winds of 135 kilometers per hour, and wind gusts reaching up to 185 kph. As Typhoon Doksuri causes extensive damage throughout Vietnam and Thailand, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been ordered to evacuate their homes, and have been relocated to higher ground.

According to meteorology reports, while Laos will not have to endure the brunt of the tropical storm, it is said to expect heavy rainfall. Several embassies have sent out warnings to their citizens, instructing them to take safety precautions as  unpredictable weather may cause widespread flooding, landslides and other travel disruptions. Several eyewitnesses have reported seeing trees being uprooted and power lines torn to the ground.

The Thai Meteorology Department has reported that the wind waves in the Andaman Sea and the upper Gulf will gain traction and produce waves up to 2-3 meters high from 15-18 September.

Doksuri swept through the Philippines on Tuesday as a less powerful tropical depression, killing four people and leaving another six missing.