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Khammuan Districts Struggle with Doksuri Aftermath

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Though tropical storm Doksuri has since dissipated since making landfall on September 15th, villagers in Khammuan province are still dealing with the aftermath of it’s destruction.

According to Khammuan authorities, floodwaters have submerged six districts of the province after Doksuri tore through last week, with many of its villages still immersed in water.

The affected districts are said to be Bualapha, Xaybuathong, Yommalath, Nongbok, Mahaxay and Xebangfay.

Mr Phonevisith Khounbolom, head of the Khammuan provincial Disaster Management Division, reported that though the Xaybuathong district has yet to submit any reports detailing losses, it has been confirmed that the Bualapha district has 28 villages that are still dealing with flood damages. Over 20 houses have been damaged, with sections of several villages still under water.

According to an official from the province’s Natural Resources and Environment office, the storm battered the Vilabouly, Xepon and Nong districts in Savannakhet, however were mildly affected due to the excess rainwater receding.

A report from the provincial governor stated that almost 7,000 families in 72 villages of the Vilabouly district were affected by the storm. Over 40 electricity poles and fifteen houses were left mangled, while other buildings sustained severe structural damages.

The affected area includes 1,000 hectares of rice fields, 30-40 hectares of rubber trees, farmland and numerous livestock.

Storm Doksuri passed through the provinces of Khammuan, Borikhamxay and Savannakhet, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

District authorities are prioritizing the repair of public facilities, electricity grids and homes.

Doksuri crossed parts of Vietnam and Laos from September 15 to 17, affecting many parts of the country and damaging many hectares of farmland.

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