Expected Roadblocks for Chinese President Arrival Nov 13-14


In preparation for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Laos, the Vientiane Capital’s Department of Public Works and Transport has ordered roadblocks to be stationed all across the capital to ensure a safe and smooth ride for President Xi Jinping’s arrival on Monday through Tuesday (November 13-14).

Although there has been no confirmation on the specified times of when the roadblocks will be enforced, motorists should take precaution when planning their route to and from their destination in town, and should note that parking on any of these streets is strictly prohibited on these dates. Officials have released the following roads as affected:

  1. Souphanouvong Ave (from Sikay intersection to Sihom intersection)
  2. Setthathirath Road (Sihom intersection – That Khao intersection)
  3. Fa Ngum Road (That Khao – Lao Development Bank)
  4. Lane Xang Ave (Patouxay Monument – Presidential Palace)
  5. Kaison Phomvihane Ave (Patouxay – Dongdok Intersection)
  6. Samsenthai Road (That Khao – Jao Fa Ngum intersection Km2)
  7. Don Chan Road (Lao-German Technical School Intersection – Don Chan Palace Intersection)

Click here to view a map of the scheduled roadblocks.

Earlier in the week, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book on governance was launched and released in Lao language in Vientiane. The Lao version of the book was published with the goal of assisting Lao people in learning more about the Chinese development concept, development path and both domestic and foreign policies. A Chinese official emphasized that the publication will help to promote the exchange of experiences in governance between the two parties and two countries, and will continue to bolster ties between Laos and China.

Content source: Laopost

Photo source: Tholakhong


  1. This is not good. Every time some self-declared little VIP who can’t drive himself or is not willing to admit that driving in Laos is a mess, the rest of the population has to suffer.

    Find another solution.
    – Don’t use the main roads that are needed by the people
    – Do all your schmoozing at the airport
    – Drive through town like a normal person