Manivone Vorachack Awarded French National Order of Merit

French Ambassador Present French Order of Merit to Vorachack
French Ambassador Present French Order of Merit to Vorachack

Earlier last week, the French government awarded Manivone Vorachack, the national order of merit.

Committed to the development of Laos

For more than 20 years, Manivone Vorachack has been working to reduce poverty and develop rural areas in Laos through her work with the “Cooperation Committee with Laos” (CCL) and has progressively risen through the ranks of the association to take over the management of the NGO in 2005. As a recognized partner in the development of Laos, since its creation, the NGO has carried out projects of agricultural development, health or nutrition in nearly 300 villages for the benefit of more than 100,000 people.

Manivone Vorachack (center)
Manivone Vorachack (center)

A model for the younger generations in Laos

On the occasion of the ceremony, the French Ambassador to Laos Claudine Ledoux welcomed Manivone Vorachack as “a model for the younger generations in Laos and especially for young women.” Committed to gender equality in Laos, Manivone Vorachack has participated actively in several international conferences on this issue. Anxious to impart her skills and knowledge, she founded the local association SLKA (supported financially by France) dedicated to sharing knowledge in development.

Training in French language and skills

Ambassador Ledoux recognized Vorachack’s excellent mastery of the French language. Following her language courses at the University of Laos, Vorachack has strengthened her skills in the field of humanitarian and development by following diploma courses in France and Switzerland. At the end of her appreciation speech, Vorachack expressed her attachment to the French language.

About CCL

A French NGO based in Vientiane, the CCL works to reduce poverty in Laos.

Since 1980, CCL has been conducting rural development programs in mountain areas in northern Laos to improve the livelihoods of farming families by targeting, in particular, minority ethnic groups and isolated women.

Currently CCL is implementing projects in the provinces of Phongsaly (Nhot Ou District), Luang Namtha (Sing and Long) and Oudomxay (La, Nga and Namor). The projects aim to improve the food and nutrition security of the upland populations of these districts, mainly composed of Khmu, Akha, Yao and Kheu communities.

Through these projects, the CCL works specifically to improve the management of natural resources, develop sustainable agro-ecological systems and develop the commercial channels of non-timber forest products in particular, wild tea and cardamom.