Lao Inmates Break Out of Cambodian Prison

Lao Prisoners Break Out Stung Treng Prison

Five Lao prisoners made an attempted escape from Stung Treng provincial prison on Saturday, but were recaptured before venturing far.

Security guards fired warning shots into the air as the five prisoners, all from Laos, broke through an exit gate. The inmates made their escape attempt during shower time as guards were not paying close attention, according to reports.

“They ran from the prison at 2:45PM and took their chance to make an escape when we let them have a bath,” said prison director Chhim Thida. “There were a total of five inmates. All of them were from Laos and had committed drug-related offences. Three have already been convicted, while the other two inmates are awaiting trial.”

Security guards fired warning shots into the air which stopped the escapees in their tracks.

Laos year a Lao national and four Cambodian inmates were also caught attempting to escape from the ceiling of their cell.

Photo: Khmer Times