2018 Road Tax Now Due and Payable

2018 road tax Laos

The Ministry of Finance has called upon vehicle owners to make payment of the 2018 road tax, which is now due and payable.

After multiple setbacks in issuance and collection of the 2017 road tax payment, the deadline for the 2018 road tax payment has been extended to June 30.

Meanwhile, for motorists who have not yet paid the 2017 road tax, the deadline has been set at March 31. Those who fail to meet this deadline will face fines of up to 40 percent of their unpaid road taxes for each offence.

The road tax system was rescued by commercial bank BCEL last year when the bank set up a road tax collection system via its ATM network and online banking service, BCEL One.

The BCEL road tax collection system has been instrumental in effectively and transparently collecting the road tax fees, with 100% of funds being transferred tot he national budget.

The Ministry of Finance set a target of 60 million kip in road tax collection for 2017, with 40 billion kip having been collected so far. With the collection system now simplified, the onus is on authorities to ensure vehicle owners make their tax obligations.

According to statistics from the tax department, as reported by the Vientiane Times, there are approximately 1.8 million vehicles registered in Laos, with only 30 percent of these paying road taxes each year.

Vientiane Capital boasts some 843,500 registered vehicles for a population of around 800,000; almost one motor vehicle per person.


2018 Road Tax Fees


2-3 Wheeled Motorbikes

Engine TypeFee
<110cc15,000 KIP
111cc-150cc20,000 KIP
151cc-200cc30,000 KIP
>200cc100,000 KIP


Privately owned Sedans, SUVs, Vans and Pickups

Engine TypeFee
<1000cc100.000 KIP
1001cc-1600cc150.000 KIP
1601cc-2000cc200.000 KIP
2001cc-2500cc250.000 KIP
2501cc-3000cc300.000 KIP
30001cc-4000cc350.000 KIP
4001cc-5000cc  400.000 KIP
>5001cc500.000 KIP