Village Devastated by Fire in Xieng Khouang Province

Fire destroys homes in xieng khouang

32 homes have been destroyed in Xieng Khouang Province after a fire broke out, believed to be caused by an electrical problem.

The fire, the biggest recorded this year, began at around four o’clock on Monday evening in Sanfaen Village, and quickly spread from house to house due to strong winds.

The structures that burnt down were all wooden, with 32 families losing their homes and much needed livestock and equipment. Fortunately, none were injured or killed by the fire.

Much of the population in the affected area belong to the Lao Phong ethnic group, and the village is 100 kilometers from the provincial capital, with difficult road access.

The fire occurred as villagers were returning from their work in nearby fields, and had unfortunately spread too quickly for them to suppress.

While local authorities continue to assess the damage caused by the fire, victims now require food, clothing, and temporary accomodation.

A temporary camp is being set up by local authorities and the military, and district authorities are providing food and medicines, however stocks are low and authorities are calling upon the public to make donations.

Donations for Fire Victims

Donations can be made with the following authorized organizations:

1. World Renew in Xiengkhouang Province, 020 98853357
2. Vientiane Rescue in Vientiane Capital, 1623
3. The Lao Red Cross, 1625
4. Houamchai Foundation, 020 59444400
5. Chinese Ambulance Service, 1628