ULUVUS Simply Beautiful: Falang Lao Legends Breathe In, Rock Out In Time for Visit Laos Year 2018

Once more with Luv: ULUVUS for one night only Saturday 22 December 2018 at WINd-WEST
Once more with Luv: ULUVUS for one night only Saturday 22 December 2018 at WINd-WEST

What can you say about ULUVUS?
A few years less ancient than Vat Phu (Wat Phou) Champassak;
Probably not as well preserved as the olde towne of Luang Prabang,
Mysterious and curious though somewhat less
 so than the Plain of Jars;
Beguiling like a tune from a secret admirer, yet not quite a Khaen.

Such aims, like a UNESCO World Heritage Listing, may lie somewhere between old news, overdue recognition, aspirational daydreams and due any moment, but in any case, how could you fault the ambition of these relative titans of the (admittedly diminutive) Falang Lao musical landscape, known collectively as ULUVUS.

ULUVUS: Like an Old Hand Back From A Distant BBQ, Ready to Rock!
Like Seasoned BBQ Hands Back From A Distant Char Grill, ULUVUS Ready to Rock!

What can be said with relative certainty is few more pallid a phalanx of menfolk have flown as true in the worthy attempt to give the invisible bamboo ceiling of popular culture success in Laos a real shake.

Performing in the Lao language inspired by the wit and guile of troubadours past, the oft uniformed gents gathered a following among local and international fans alike.

Now, they are back from distant points of the globe to the epicenter of Vientiane evening amusement known and loved by generations; WINd-WEST Pub.

Inscribed on the Indee Records imprint, the lads spent a few well-spent years of the late 00’s and early to mid 10’s in Laos, lighting up the stage more than a fair few times and put out more than a couple of music videos if Youtube is anything to go by.

ULUVUS – Ma dort ma den ma man ມາໂດດມາເຕັ້ນມາມັນ

LUV, Like, Share with your friends der! the new ULUVUS video!

Posted by ULUVUS on ວັນຈັນ ທີ 15 ກັນຍາ 2014

Gone but hardly forgotten and with a facebook page boasting no less than 36,000 likers (FB existed back then?!) they and their legions of aficionados call on fellow diehard fans and newbies alike, particularly those that fulfill the following criteria:

a) still alive in the physical sense;
b) of sound mind and body;
c) geographically proximate to WINd West Pub

to come out of the woodwork forthwith for this fully renovated if not reincarnated performance.

ULUVUS perform boat racing festival way back in 2011

Like a flashback to another lifetime, you will be boasting old-time reminiscences with tall tales and rock hand signs to be to be hoist anew at the endless metaphorical BBQ of rock and roll.

Wao pasa lao bor dai ເວົ້າພາສາລາວບໍ່ໄດ້


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