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Toong: a Hub for Progressive Entrepreneurs in Vientiane

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For daring businesses and audacious go-getters based in Vientiane, it is always a headache to look for a flexible and innovative workspace, given the fact that the leasing office market is dominated by traditional four-walled, stuffy workstations. Toong Coworking Space is the response to this hunger.

Situated within an A-level office complex which is directly connected to the 5-star Crowne Plaza and only a 15 minute drive from the airport, the co-working space offers flexible, ready-to-use, fully-serviced office solutions for both independent workers, teams and businesses of 1-20 staff.

Toong strikes your impression at first glance. Illuminated by natural lights, the cozy, beige-toned workspace offers views onto a charming garden as well as the lively city.

An optimum solution for businesses: save time and budget while settling down efficiently 

Though coworking space is the norm in the global market, it is quite a new concept in Laos. Basically, a co-working space is operated upon the formula that by sharing workspace and all facilities, a business can enjoy more, yet spend less.

For instance, it is calculated that setting an office at Toong will help cut up to 65% of the monthly expenses compared to renting and operating a traditional office, with all services under Toong’s package: from high-speed wifi, reception, mail and handling service, meeting rooms, business lounge, fully-equipped meeting rooms, coffee counter, library. Neither additional ongoing cost nor extra monthly expense will worry you, instead, all your precious budget is channeled to your growing business.

Not to mention that a shared workspace relieves businesses from troublesome tasks of self-operating an office, and you only need to bring along your laptop and start working.

The residents of Toong also gain special privileges for premium services of Crowne Plaza hotel, including gym, spa, restaurants, outdoor lounges, swimming pool, just to name a few.

Quiet reading time at Toong coworking space
Quiet reading time at Toong coworking space

A sought-after hub for creatives and entrepreneurs

Take a stroll downtown Vientiane, you can in no time notice some highlighted spots where business people and expats gather. It means the thirst for a wholesome workspace is universal. But somehow a professional coworking space is a rare breed.

It’s that gap Toong is filling. More than a place to plug in your laptop, Toong creates a home where one can plug in the most forward-thinking community in Indochina, network and trade ideas with like-minded individuals. Toong community spreads across 36 sectors, from PE, F&B, filmmaking, e-commerce to finance, hospitality, media and NGO.

In fact, the Toong location at Crowne Plaza is developed by Toong, the first and largest work environment developer in Indochina (Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). Toong has expanded across the megacities of Vietnam before setting its first step to Laos’ market. It is like a rewind as when Toong opened its first branch in Vietnam 4 years ago, the coworking space was also something unheard of.

A chat over lunch a Toong coworking space, Vientiane
A chat over lunch a Toong coworking space, Vientiane

But the company has quickly pioneered the wave of coworking space in the country, built a whole new market from zero, turned it into an emerging market attracting the industry’s biggest players on a global scale, and therefore transforming the work style of thousands of people.

Ever since its establishment, Toong keeps expanding at astonishing speed with a network of 14 coworking spaces across Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Phnom Penh and Vientiane by September 2019, and a total area of 50 square kilometers being developed within 2020.

And with the birth of Toong Samsenthai, it is predicted that there will also be a disruption in the community of urban professionals in Laos, as they, finally, have a hub dedicated to themselves.

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