Lao Samsung Electronics Partners with WFP to Assist Deaf Students

Lao Samsung Electronics Partners with WFP to Assist Deaf Students

Lao Samsung Electronics in cooperation with the World Food Program has created educational opportunities for deaf and speech-impaired students, equitable with the general public, through technology.

Because education and nutrition are important for everyone in society and everyone has the right to access these basic necessities, including the more than 90 students with speech and hearing problems at the Capital Special School.

Lao Samsung Electronics Sole Co., Ltd. joined the World Food Program of the Lao PDR to develop the Employee Volunteer Program on the morning of October 17, 2019. Employees from Lao Samsung Electronics, the World Food Program, and from distribution representatives of Samsung, such as LTH, Lao AC Telecom, and SCE, will involve deaf and speech impaired students in activities. These activities will include teaching sign language through an app in the Samsung Tablet, provision of books to the library and cooking competitions.

Thus far, Lao Samsung Electronics has developed a library for the school and donated more than 400 textbooks to increase learning opportunities for the students.

In addition to this, Lao Samsung Electronics has given six Samsung Tablets and the HANDME app (created by Lao people and further developed by Bizgital) to the school to aid the teachers in teaching sign language to the students.

At the same time, for the purpose of promoting nutrition, the World Food Program has provided assistance in the form of the School Meal Program, which provides three meals a day to the students. Each meal consists of 300 grams of rice, 120 grams of soy beans, 30 grams of vegetable oils, and 90 grams of canned fish. This program was established in 2018.

Samsung representatives, such as LTH, also donated luggage, backpacks, and athletic wear tops to the students of the school. SCE, or the Xok Xai Group Company, donated 20 cases of drinking water to the school.

During this volunteer experience, all of the volunteers learned a great deal about each other, especially the lives of students with hearing and speech disabilities who experience many social issues, such as with communicating with the outside world.