Laos Steps Up Efforts to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

Laos Steps Up Efforts to Prevent Coronavirus Outbreak

Laos has announced that it will set up a task force committee to tackle the spread of the new coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

The task force will assess the impact of an outbreak of such a virus in Laos, although no case has yet been confirmed in the country.

In particular, the task force will conduct inspections in at-risk locations such as ports of entry, transport stations, hospitals, and markets, while arranging specialized healthcare service points across the country.

It will also collect travel data and follow up the health status of travelers, especially tourists, students, business people and workers traveling from China.

In addition, the task force plans to study and draw up a plan to address the potential impact on Chinese workers engaging in projects in Laos.

It will also regulate the price of protective equipment, such as face masks, gloves, and protective clothing while arranging a budget for necessary expenditure.

Lastly, the task force will publicize ways to prevent the virus, check for symptoms and obtain treatment, via media outlets.

The country’s flagship airline, Lao Airlines, announced that it will temporarily cancel all flights from Vientiane to three destinations in China, namely Changzhou, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, as part of precautions in the wake of the virus outbreak.

As of January 29, no cases were confirmed in Laos, and there is also no report of a confirmed case among Lao nationals living in foreign countries including China.


  1. Yeah right. Does anybody really believe this? Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand all have cases but Laos with its open border with China has none?

    I hope everybody is preparing, because the authorities in Laos are the least capable in the entire world of dealing with the pandemic that has already arrived for sure and now is just spreading.