Ministry of Health Facebook Page to Post Realtime Coronavirus Updates

Ministry of Health Facebook Page to Post Realtime Updates

The Lao Ministry of Health has issued an internal notice to all staff and partner organizations instructing them to be wary of social media misinformation in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

A notice issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that an official Facebook Page called “ສູນຂ່າວສານການແພດສຸຂະສຶກສາ Centre of Information and Education for Health” is now available for accurate, realtime information on public health-related issues in Laos. Updates on the coronavirus will be posted to this Facebook Page.

Students and officials under the ministry are prohibited from posting and sharing their own images and information related to the coronavirus, especially taken during the performance of their duties.

Dr. Khamla Choumlyvong, Deputy Director of Setthathirath Hospital, speaks (in Lao language) about how to properly wear a face mask to protect effectively against the coronavirus.

The news comes as three deaths wrongly attributed to the new Coronavirus were spread via social media. The deaths of three residents in Phongsaly Province originally attributed to the Coronavirus have now been confirmed as having been caused by influenza.

Similarly, a bizarre post regarding the use of boiled eggs as protection from the virus caused a sensation in the Lao social media, despite having no basis in fact.