Deaths in Phongsaly Caused By Common Flu, not Coronavirus

Phongsaly Deaths caused by Influenza not Coronavirus

The deaths of three residents in Phongsaly Province originally attributed to the Coronavirus have now been confirmed as having been caused by influenza.

Twenty-four villagers were suspected of being infected with the new Coronavirus, and authorities were called to the scene after the deaths of three villagers.

The Phongsaly Provincial Health Department appointed a team to visit Tasenphong Village, Phongsaly District, to collect blood samples from affected villagers for testing in Vientiane Capital.

Six samples were assessed at the National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE).

Tests were returned negative for the new Coronavirus, and were found to contain a strain of influenza.

According to a notice issued by the Phongsaly Provincial Health Department, two young women aged 27 and 32 years, and an infant aged one month, died after contracting influenza in late January.

The Ministry of Health has set up an official Facebook page for residents to access official information and updates on the Coronavirus situation in Laos.

Meanwhile, Lao Minister of Health Bounkong Syhavong said in a press conference yesterday that Laos has not confirmed any cases of the new Coronavirus in its territory to date.


  1. So it looks like all coronavirus cases in Laos will now be called “flu.” Because yes it’s very very normal for 27 and 32 year old women to just drop dead from the flu.

    The authorities won’t admit to a coronavirus case because they know that tourism will collapse. And they would rather have half their population die from coronavirus than lose a dollar from tourism.

    Good luck to you all in the People’s Democratic Republic. If you’re a tourist or foreigner you had better get out while you can because there is no hospital capable of treating you. The reports from China are saying a week in ICU there is costing them $40,000 USD. It’s not cheap to bring people back from near death. They need to use ECMO machines, dialysis machines, expensive drugs. If you get coronavirus while in Laos it’s game over. Head back to your home countries where you have a decent chance of surviving this thing.

    As for Laotians, please don’t visit friends and family especially when they’re sick. Stay in your homes. Don’t go to temple, don’t go to any gatherings. Staying home is the best you can do to avoid catching this thing.