Vietnam to Check Visitors from Laos for Coronavirus

Vietnam to test visitors from Laos and Cambodia

Vietnam has announced that the country will carry out mandatory health checks on people entering Vietnam from Cambodia and Laos.

Those who cross the border from Cambodia and Laos must undergo health checks at the border if they wish to enter Vietnam, said Vietnam’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Deputy Spokesman Doan Khac Viet.

The rule also applies to those who have traveled to China, through China, and areas where there’s been a coronavirus outbreak for around 14 days.

As of February 20, Vietnam had 16 confirmed cases of Coronavirus infection, of whom 14 have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

Meanwhile, Laos has not seen any confirmed cases so far.

Lao authorities have warned people not to travel to virus outbreak areas and have installed thermal scanners at border crossings with China and at other strategic locations to stop the virus from entering the country.

In addition, the government has also urged people to be on their guard and take precautions.