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Bangkok Airways to Temporarily Suspend Bangkok-Vientiane Flights

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Bangkok Airways has announced that it will suspend routes between Bangkok and Vientiane until further notice amid a drop in the number of passengers.

The operation of PG943 Bangkok-Vientiane and PG944 Vientiane-Bangkok will be suspended from March 10, except for March 24, while PG949 Bangkok-Vientiane and PG940 Vientiane-Bangkok will not operate from March 29.

“Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited announces a decrease in flight frequency as well as flight termination on certain domestic and international routes to be in line with current passenger demand,” the airline explained.

“This also follows the airline’s expense reduction plans which were launched earlier this month due to the global economic slowdown combined with the COVID-19 epidemic,” the company added.

Further information about affected flights can be found at Bangkok Airways’ website.

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