2020 Goût de France is bringing Laos to France’s Garden

Goût de France
Goût de France Press Conference at the French Residence

The 6th edition of French cuisine festival “Goût de France” is back with exciting region inspired creations from French cuisine chefs in Laos.

This year’s Goût de France/Good France is bringing us to the west of France called Centre Val de Loire, as known as “France’s Garden”. The region embodies the sweetness of life by the river since the place itself placed along the Loire River. These characteristics also can be experienced in Laos, where regions like Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse are also placed across the Mekong River. The highlight of this year’s festival fits the narration of sustainable development, in which the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has been focusing on like last year.

You can have a taste of France’s Garden inspired special menus made from sustainable products from these local French cuisine restaurants: Bistro 22, L’Adresse – Cuisine by Tinay, La Signature Restaurant @ Ansara Hotel, You Na, L’Atmosphère and ParadIce from 23 -29 March. Bon Appetit!