Lao Central Bank Denies Issuance of LAK 500,000 Note

A fake LAK 500,000 note
A fake LAK 500,000 note

Laos’ central bank (Bank of Laos) has issued a public notice (dated 1 April) debunking rumors of a plan to print LAK 500,000 notes.

The Bank of Laos has announced that the LAK 500,000 note is a fabricated construct of malicious individuals who are trying to create confusion in society.

As circulated on social media, the fake note slightly resembles the LAK 100,000 note but features a picture of former Lao President Souphavong instead of President Kaysone Phomvihane.

A Bank of Laos notice (dated 1 April) states that the LAK 500,000 note is false

The Bank of Laos currently has no plans to issue notes higher than LAK 100,000.

The public is urged to ignore these false claims and to call the Bank of Laos’ Printing Department at 021213119 or 021243615 with any information regarding the source of these doctored images.