Police Assist Laborers Left Homeless Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Police Assist Group of Homeless Laborers

Police have offered assistance to a group of day laborers found homeless at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane Capital.

The laborers say they have no work, no food, and no home.

The group consists of workers from Vientiane Capital, as well as Bokeo, Xiengkhouang, Viengxay, Xayaboury, and Salavanh provinces.

Living with the group was a woman some seven months pregnant. The woman says she had been employed at a rubber factory at KM 52 and now had no place to sleep.

The group of homeless people has been meeting at Chao Anouvong Park every day in the afternoon to receive food and handouts from charitable members of the public.

Day laborers have been left homeless amid the Covid-19 pandemic
Day laborers have been left homeless amid the Covid-19 pandemic

After police were alerted, the group are to be taken to a quarantine center in Chanthabouly District set up by the National Task Force Committee, where they will be housed and fed.

Laos went into full lockdown on 30 March, with measures prohibiting all residents to leave their homes except for essential grocery shopping, hospital visits, and any other tasks authorized by the government, such as work undertaken by essential workers.