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Laos Controlling Covid-19 Outbreak, No New Cases in 16 Days

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Laos has remained free from new cases of Covid-19 infection for 16 consecutive days, although the national taskforce has urged residents to remain vigilant.

The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has called on authorities to continue their efforts in implementing preventative measures under Prime Ministerial Order No. 06/PM.

Efforts to control the spread of the virus in Laos have been successful so far, as Laos recorded no new cases of Covid-19 infection for the 16th consecutive day.

Hospitals in Vientiane and Luang Prabang have already discharged 7 patients, with no new cases recorded, while 12 patients remain in hospital care.

Standing Deputy Head of the National Taskforce Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, Associate Prof. Dr. Phouthone Muongpak, said at a press conference in Vientiane yesterday that successful implementation of lockdown measures by authorities and by the public is to be applauded for the country’s success in controlling the outbreak.

Lockdown in Laos could be lifted on 3 May if no new cases of Covid-19 are confirmed, and the situation in neighboring countries remains stable, according to the national taskforce.

Laos went into full lockdown on 30 March under Prime Ministerial Order No. 06/PM, with measures prohibiting all residents to leave their homes except for essential grocery shopping, hospital visits, and any other tasks authorized by the government, such as work undertaken by essential workers.

In mid-April, the Prime Minister extended lockdown measures until 3 May.

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