Lebanon Government Steps Down as Public Anger Mounts

Government of Lebanon resigns after mass protests

The government of Lebanon has resigned in the wake of growing outrage over Tuesday’s blast that destroyed areas of Beirut and killed over 200 people.

The prime minister blamed political corruption for a massive explosion in the port of Beirut which killed hundreds and devastated the nation’s capital.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab made the announcement in a national TV address on Monday evening.

“I discovered that the system of corruption is bigger than the state,” said Hassan Diab in his speech, blaming opposition from powerful political insiders for his lack of reforms.

His resignation came in the wake of heightened outrage among Lebanese people toward their government, many of whom blamed the government for last week’s blast.

Over 2,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse in the Beirut port area caught fire, causing a massive blast that killed hundreds and injured thousands last week.

Over the weekend, public anger poured onto the streets of Lebanon as thousands of protesters demanded change.

Mr. Diab took office in January after last year’s mass demonstrations forced the previous government to resign. However, his government struggled to resolve Lebanon’s worst economic crisis in decades, with the banking system in a state of disarray and population plunged into poverty.

President Michel Aoun has asked Diab’s government to serve as caretakers until the formation of a new cabinet is complete.