Case 20 Discharged From Hospital, Two Remaining

Case 20 Discharged From Hospital, Two Remaining

The Covid-19 Taskforce announced yesterday that another Covid-19 patient had been discharged from the hospital.

In a briefing yesterday, Taskforce representatives told the press that the Korean national identified as case 20, has been successfully treated and released from hospital (after 29 days in medical care). The man tested negative for the virus, two consecutive times. He has now been transferred to a state-designated quarantine center, where he will remain for a further 14 days. Case 20 was admitted into the hospital on 23 July, the first official case confirmed in Laos after 102 days without infection.

Case 21 and case 22 are currently being treated at Mittaphab Hospital.

As of the writing of this article, there are currently 54 state-designated quarantine centers, within which 3,515 individuals are housed. They have all tested negative, and await more testing before being released.

To date, Laos has tested over 35,580 individuals and has found only 22 positive cases. Twenty have been successfully treated, while two remain in hospital care.