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Laos Confirms New, 20th Case of Covid-19

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A Korean national working as an electrical technician has been confirmed as the 20th case of Covid-19 in Laos, the first official case inside the country after 102 days without infection.

The 32-year-old Korean man is an employee of a hydropower project and had been quarantined in Vientiane Capital as per regulations.

The man said that prior to arriving in Laos he experienced no symptoms and tested negative for Covid-19. He had been staying with his family before departing for Laos, and no other members of his family had exhibited symptoms.

On 18 July, the man departed from Japan (Osaka-Tokyo flight), passing through Incheon, South Korea, before arriving in Laos on flight QV922A, with 109 passengers. He had been traveling with four friends on the same flight.

The man took a minivan to his hotel alongside five others.

Since then, he remained in the hotel, eating and sleeping in his designated room, in accordance with quarantine measures. His temperature was taken twice daily by hotel staff. It has been confirmed that he had neither left his room nor was anyone allowed to enter to clean the room, as per standard hotel quarantine procedures.

On 22 July, health officials and district authorities undertook a routine test of all hotel guests.

On 23 July, a positive test result for Covid-19 was read at 21:00, and the man was promptly taken to Mittaphab Friendship Hospital in Vientiane Capital for treatment.

“Let us be clear about this. This is not a second wave. This is an isolated case that has been in quarantine ever since he arrived in Laos,” says Vice Minister of Health Dr. Phouthone Meuangpak.

Local health authorities have thoroughly disinfected the van, hotel room, and aircraft where the man had been. In addition, all passengers and cabin crew on the QV flight, including 17 people who have been identified as having had close contact with him, have tested negative. All of the abovementioned individuals are currently in a 14-day quarantine and are being closely monitored.

Here is a video of the full press conference delivered by the Special Taskforce.

ຖະແຫຼງຂ່າວກ່ຽວກັບພະຍາດໂຄວິດ-19 ປະຈຳວັນທີ 24/7/2020

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Read the official press statement (in Lao language) here.

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