Violent Robber Meets Fatal End in Police Shootout

Violent Robber Meets Fatal End in Police Shootout

A few days ago, a late-night shootout near the Talat Sao area ended with the killing of a known criminal at the hands of Vientiane police.

According to reports by Lao Security News, Khamsin (nicknamed Khaek) was fatally shot by police after a shootout occurred within the vicinity of JDB Bank on Lane Xang Avenue. The 42-year-old man was wanted in connection with 12 other armed robbery incidences in Chanthabouly district.

On the evening of the 21st of August, police spotted and pursued Khamsin as he was on his motorbike. As they tried to arrest him for further questioning, he brandished a handgun and fired twice. The shots missed the police. The police officers returned fire. After multiple rounds were fired, one hit Khamsin, killing him.

Police say that Khamsin was one of many perpetrators responsible for many instances of car break-ins whereby car windows would be smashed and valuable possessions were stolen.

Below are more graphic photographs related to the incident.