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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Cannibal Killer Captured in Vientiane Province

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Village authorities have arrested a man in Nalao Village, Phonhong District, Vientiane Province in connection with the killing of a child.

According to eyewitness reports posted to social media, a 5-year-old child of Hmong ethnicity was taken from by a known drug addict.

The child’s body was found at the house of the man, partially dismembered and disemboweled. Body parts were found hidden around the house under blankets.

Parts of the body were also discovered atop a coal stove, having been cooked.

Witnesses say the child lived in the same village as the accused.

“This man has been addicted to amphetamines for many years but nobody expected he was capable of such brutality,” said one witness.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the murder, with more information to follow.

The news comes after another gruesome murder this week in Champasack province, where three men were hacked to death with a machete.

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