Lao Airlines Backs Lao Thiao Lao Domestic Tourism Campaign

Charter Flights Grounded under Updated Covid-19 Prevention Measures

Lao Airlines has said that it is working together with the public and private sector to achieve the target of the Lao Thiao Lao domestic tourism campaign.

According to a report by the Vientiane Times, Mr. Khamla Phommavanh, President of Lao Airlines, believes that full cooperation among all parties involved is key to achieving the targets set by the Lao Thiao Lao (Lao Visit Laos) program amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr. Khamla Phommavanh said that “to achieve the target of the Lao Visit Laos initiative, it requires true cooperation.”

Lao Airlines is among many enterprises in Laos affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the easing of certain Covid-19 prevention measures, Lao Airlines met with representatives of the tourism sector, the hotel and restaurant association, and the Lao National Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The airline has partnered with tour companies, hotels, and restaurants across Laos to create attractive packages incorporating discounted airfares and accommodation rates.

Mr. Khamla says that some of the challenges caused by the pandemic could be mitigated by taking advantage of opportunities as well.

“We tried to come up with new concepts to boost travel. The pandemic has made people aware of the tourism potential in their own country. We are continuing to devise more activities to promote domestic tourism and increase travel,” he said in an interview with Vientiane Times.

Special deals and packages from Lao Airlines and other tour operators can be accessed at the Lao Thiao Lao Facebook page, which was officially launched in September.

This month, Lao Airlines is offering a special package for newlyweds, with special rates on honeymoon hotels.

Lao Airlines has created a business recovery plan for the 2021-2025 period to cope with the aftermath of Covid-19 and to be used as a roadmap for taking the business forward. It expects to see losses over the new few years, hoping to begin seeing returns in 2024.

The airline is to carry out six priority tasks, including adjusting its trade and marketing plan, recruiting foreign marketing experts, improving its staff ratio, enhancing its debt structure, maintaining its safety certification, and upgrading the quality of aircraft maintenance.

Lao Airlines has already resumed two flights to China, on Thursdays and Sundays, as well as charter freight flights to Bangkok.

“We are ready to operate overseas flights if the government permits but the most important thing is that Lao Airlines will continue to strictly implement government measures and controls regarding Covid-19. We have a committee and specific guidelines,” said Mr. Khamla.

All flights are sprayed with disinfectants and no food is served. Passengers are required to wear face masks. After use, personal protective clothing will be removed and disposed of.

Lao Airlines hopes that when the Covid-19 pandemic is over it can begin launch its business plan in order to boost revenue, focusing on nearby countries such as China.