Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to Promote Competent Staff

Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism speaks to retired officials

The Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism has made a pledge to appoint talented young people for promotion to ensure that the Ministry is strengthened under competent leadership.

Pasaxon Newspaper reports that Minister Prof. Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun made the commitment at a meeting of ministry leaders, core officials, and retired officials held on 9 October.

The meeting was held to gather opinions on the growth of the Ministry, in particular the effective use of personnel.

Former Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism and Party Secretary Prof. Dr. Bosengkham Vondara spoke at the meeting, highlighting the achievements made in leading the ministry in the past, as well as making recommendations concerning the ministry’s current needs.

Minister Prof. Dr. Kikeo said he appreciated the efforts made by retired officials in advancing the development of the sector.

He said that core officials inside the ministry must improve standards by promoting competent young civil servants to take place of retirees.

According to Prof. Dr. Kikeo, change can be brought about when civil servants are given positions that make the best use of the subjects they have studied and are familiar with.

He stated that officials selected for promotion must be capable of doing the new job assigned to them, saying the selection process must be transparent rather than based on personal relationships.

In addition, the minister made it clear that superiors and subordinates must be held accountable under the same regulations.

He said the recommendations made by retired officials would be taken into consideration when improving the ministry.