Tropical Storm Saudel to Hit Southern Laos on Sunday

Tropical storm Saudel to hit southern Laos

Tropical storm Saudel could hit southern Laos on Sunday as it makes its way from Danang, Vietnam.

According to a report by CNA News, tropical storm Saudel now threatens Vietnam after lashing the Philippines.

The storm is expected to move from Vietnam to southern Laos where it may hit Savannakhet province, an area already inundated after flash floods.

Heavy rainfall and strong winds are forecast across the southern provinces from 25 to 26 October.

Tropical storm Saudel formed over the Pacific Ocean, moving from the Philippines, before reaching Vietnam yesterday.

Laos has already suffered major flooding in the aftermath of tropical storms Linfa and Nangka, which hit Laos last week.

Villages near the Xepon and Xebanghieng rivers in Savannakhet Province were hit by flash flooding amid torrential rains last week with a number of households affected.