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Authorities to Renew Search for Missing Grandfather

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Authorities are to renew the search for a 95-year-old grandfather missing since early October near the popular Nam Pien Yorla Pa resort.

According to a report in the Vientiane Times, authorities temporarily suspended the search for the elderly man who went missing at the resort in Pakngum District, Vientiane Capital.

A renewed search is to be undertaken soon, despite the unlikely odds of his being found.

The man, identified as Mr. Phouang, accompanied his family on a trip to the popular Nam Pien Yorla Pa resort in Vientiane on 3 October and was separated from his family.

While his family members were enjoying activities, they left him in the care of a 12-year-old girl at the resort’s restaurant. While under the girl’s supervision, the elderly man wandered off.

He was last seen seated below a banana tree at approximately 3:00 pm on 3 October, according to a witness who came forward via social media.

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