Grandfather Missing Near Nam Pien Yorla Pa

Grandfather missing near Pien Kat Yorla Pa

A 95-year-old grandfather has gone missing near the popular Nam Pien Yorla Pa resort in Vientiane Province.

According to a statement made by Nam Pien Yorla Pa yesterday, the man visited the resort on 3 October and was separated from his family.

Resort staff immediately began a search, however, the elderly man was not found.

A search party of over 200 officials and rescue personnel have been mobilized, combing the nearby forest for the man over two days, however so far no trace has been found.

The man, identified as Mr. Phouang, accompanied his family on a trip to the popular Nam Pien Yorla Pa resort in Vientiane Province.

While his family members were enjoying activities, they left him in the care of a 12-year-old girl at the resort’s restaurant. While under the girl’s supervision, the elderly man wandered off.

He was last seen seated below a banana tree at approximately 3:00 pm according to a witness who came forward via social media.

Authorities are continuing their search, and anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the resort.


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