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United Nations Seeks Qualified Lao Nationals to Join Ranks

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The United Nations (UN) Secretariat is seeking qualified Lao nationals to apply for its 2020 Young Professionals Programme (YPP).

The YPP is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified professionals to start a career as an international civil servant in the United Nations Secretariat. It consists of a very competitive entrance examination process and professional development once those successful start their career with the UN. Every year, countries that are unrepresented or under-represented in the UN are invited to take part in the examination process.

In its history, Laos has only had one national working in the UN Secretariat in New York City. Dr. Anoulak Kittikhoun served as lead desk officer for the Pacific region at the UN Department of Political Affairs from 2010-2014.

Watch an interview with Dr. Anoulak on Lao Youth Radio where he discusses his journey to becoming the first Lao national to work at the UN Secretariat.

Who is eligible?

The online exams will be held for nationals of a participating country with a Bachelor’s Degree or at least a 3-year equivalent degree relevant to the subject area of the exam. Applicants must also be 32 years of age or younger and be fluent in English and/or French.

What areas are covered in the 2020 exam?

This year, the three subject matters covered are Management & Administration, Global Communications, and Political Affairs & Human Rights.

How to apply?

Applications have started to be accepted since August 2020 through the UN’s online recruitment platforms: careers.un.org / inspira.un.org. Applicants are strongly encouraged to make use of the following resources:

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