Laos Eases Covid-19 Measures, Bars and Nightclubs to Reopen

Breaking News: Covid-19 Update

Laos has extended its Covid-19 prevention measures until 31 December, however, some measures, including a ban on bars and karaoke venues, will be eased.

According to a notice issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, authorities have agreed in principle to allow entertainment venues, such as karaoke bars and nightclubs, to reopen.

The move comes as the government hopes to mitigate the economic impact of Covid-19, particularly in regard to business operations.

The Lao government will also discuss policy on travel between Laos and Vietnam, and Laos and Japan, as well as other ASEAN countries, according to the notice.

Laos will continue the suspension on issuance of tourist visas for foreign visitors, however, people who have an urgent need for travel will be authorized, according to the notice.

The closure of traditional and customary border checkpoints will remain in place, except for those authorized by the government for the transport of goods. International borders will remain closed to all regular travelers except Lao citizens or foreigners with authorization from the Taskforce.

The updated Covid-19 prevention measures will remain in place until 31 December.


  1. why the clubs have been closed for so long I don’t understand. how many people have lost their jobs and their businesses due to closed clubs. thief in laos streets grows because of no money and no job to feed himself. and people are dying now not because of the coronavirus, but because of the lack of money.
    why clubs cannot be opened, but holidays can be celebrated, and you think that there are fewer people on these holidays than in the club ( here is a video link )? and why one is possible, and the other is not possible, and where is the law of justice?