Typhoon Goni May Hit Laos This Week

Typhoon Goni May Hit Laos This Week

The weather bureau has warned that severe tropical storm Goni, currently moving away from the Phillippines, may hit Vietnam and Laos this week.

At least ten people have died and three others are missing after Typhoon Goni, the strongest typhoon this year, struck south of the Philippines’ main island of Luzon yesterday.

Typhoon Goni formed on Thursday over the western area of the Philippines, reaching speeds of up to 213 kilometers per hour as it lashed the island country, and is expected to reach Vietnam before hitting Laos between 03-04 November.

Southern Laos was hit by typhoon Molave on Wednesday, causing strong winds and rainfall for many hours, damaging trees, houses, and farmland, according to a report by the Information, Culture and Tourism Office of Sanasomeboun District, Champasak province.

Similarly, some 51,000 hectares of agricultural production land have been destroyed or damaged across 13 districts of Savannakhet after heavy rains and flooding in the province caused by a series of tropical storms.