Vientiane Retailer Fined LAK 6 Million for Illegal Waste Dumping

Vientiane shop owner caught dumping waste

A Vientiane shop owner has been fined LAK 6 million for illegally dumping waste in Sikhottabong District.

Lao Youth Radio reports that a concerned citizen caught the illegal waste dumping on camera, posting it to social media where it caught the attention of authorities.

The shop owner was photographed dumping waste along the Nongbouathong to Nonbeuk Road on 20 October.

The Vientiane City Office for Management and Service (VCOMS) inspected the location and worked with village authorities to locate the perpetrator, the owner of a hardware store on ASEAN Road in Nongdouang Village.

The shop owner was fined LAK 6 million last week.

VCOMS has asked for the cooperation of village authorities and other relevant sectors to work on monitoring illegal waste dumping.

The organization has urged the public to report illegal waste dumping by calling its hotline on 030 5829 366.

Illegal dumping and waste burning present a significant challenge to municipal solid waste management in Vientiane Capital.

Household waste management in the nation’s capital stands at only 27 percent, while the remaining 73 percent of households in the capital do not use municipal waste collection services.

Vientiane Capital is now has a fleet of 129 waste collection vehicles, including 59 waste compactor trucks, 52 dump trucks, 16 containers, and two trucks deployed specifically for healthcare waste.


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  2. Yes, the road needs to be swept every day, not once a year or sweep only for the festival.especially on both sides of the road there is so much dirt and dust, people breathe nothing more than dust .
    you need to understand that you need to sweep how to sweep your houses, and not just collect paper trash

  3. it can be seen a lot of videos on youtube from tourists when they visited laos , and they said why there is so much dust and dirt on the streets
    my question, but we are not ashamed in front of guests and foreigners