Vehicles Under 350cc Prohibited from Expressway Use

Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expessway to Limit Vehicles by Engine Capacity (Photo: Tom VK)

Vehicles with engine capacity under 350cc will not be permitted on the Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expressway, according to a new report.

Vientiane Times reports that vehicles with engine capacity under 350 cubic centimeters will be prohibited from driving on the Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expressway due to open in December.

According to the Lao Law on Land Transport, vehicles authorized to enter an expressway must have an engine capacity of 350cc or greater, while oversize trucks and modified or unroadworthy vehicles are prohibited from using expressways.

Any vehicle with a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour or less will also be prohibited from using the expressway.

The expressway will allow cars to travel at speeds between 80 to 110 kilometers per hour, while buses and freight trucks must drive at speeds of 80 to 90 kilometers per hour in good weather.

All vehicles must fully respect traffic signs and signals, and maintain up to 100 meters distance.

The Vientiane to Vang Vieng expressway linking the nation’s capital with the resort town of Vang Vieng, which stretches some 113 kilometers, will be officially handed over on the occasion of the 45th National Day (2 December) this year.

The toll of the expressway is expected to be charged at approximately LAK 550 per kilometer, meaning around LAK 60,000 for a one-way trip from Vientiane to Vang Vieng, cutting the travel time to under two hours.