Lao Airlines Undertakes First C4 Check of Airbus A320

Lao Airlines Undertakes First Internal C4 Check of Airbus A320

Lao Airlines has undertaken crucial maintenance work on an Airbus A320 for the first time without relying on assistance from foreign entities.

Lao Airlines has been hard at work upgrading the capacity of their engineers with certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency, according to a press release by the airline.

The first-ever C4 Check of an Airbus A320 by Lao Airlines mechanics was implemented with the approval of the Lao Civil Aviation Department, an AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization), in line with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards.

A C4 Check is an inspection carried out every eight years and involves the whole aircraft being effectively dismantled, checked, and reassembled.

Lao Airlines hopes to continue capacity development among its mechanics and engineers with the aim of attracting aircraft from other airlines and assisting with aircraft maintenance in Laos.

Lao Airlines introduced a new level of premium service with its small fleet of Airbus A320s. The first aircraft was welcomed in Vientiane in 2011, entering service in South East Asia, with flights to Bangkok, Singapore, and Hanoi.

The Lao Airlines A320 features a high-comfort, two-class layout seating 126 passengers in the cabin and 16 seats in Business Class.