Vientiane’s Footpath Vigilante Returns to “Free the Footpath” Again

Foreigner stops traffic on footpath

A foreign woman residing in Vientiane who regularly takes a stand against motorbike traffic on the footpath has been captured on video again.

In this latest video, the woman can be seen blocking a motorbike as the rider attempts to take a shortcut through traffic by riding along the sidewalk.

(Click here if video fails to load)

The woman stands defiantly in the path of the bike, while passers-by look on.  A voice can be heard saying, “I have seen her in the internet but I never thought I’d see the real thing!”

The woman has become somewhat of an internet star, with some saying she has every right to deny access to the footpath, while others say some rules are made to be bent… or broken!

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  1. There is a reason it is called a sidewalk..The clue is in the word side’WALK’ Motorcycles use them as a short cut all the time, cars totally block them by parking across them…I mean why bother even building them?

  2. She is completely right. It’s a shame to Vientiane all the parking and motor vehicles driving on the footpaths. It causes accidents, cos walking people have to use the streets. And please find room for all the tuk-tuks that’s park just where it suits them!