Ton Pheung Locked Down After Chinese National Tests Positive for Covid-19

Lockdown in Ton Pheung after Chinese man tests positive for Covid-19

A Chinese worker living in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone tested positive for Covid-19 upon his return to China.

Authorities in Laos have locked down Ton Pheung District in Bokeo Province for a second time following the news of the Chinese worker infected with Covid-19.

The man developed a fever and was admitted to Tonpheung district hospital on 8 January, Vientiane Times reports.

He was then moved to the Bokeo provincial hospital before finally being evacuated to China.

The lockdown in Ton Phueng district commenced on 12 January and will remain in effect until 25 January.

The lockdown is in place in two areas of Bokeo province, including Tonpheung District and the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, restricting travel except for essential trips including hospital visits, dropping children at school, and shopping for groceries.

Anyone, including medical staff, believed to have had contact with the man has been placed in strict quarantine.

The National Taskforce has begun contact tracing in a combined effort between Lao and Chinese authorities, while the provincial taskforce has been instructed to collect samples from anyone with covid-like symptoms.

According to the National Taskforce, a total of  96,939 people have been tested for Covid-19 in Laos to date, while the total number of cases stands at 41. No deaths from the virus have been recorded.