Laos Begins Vaccinations for Over 600 Medical Workers

Laos begins vaccinations against Covid-19

Laos has begun vaccinations for over 600 medical workers, led by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health today.

According to a report by Lao National Radio, over 600 medical wokers and at-risk frontline workers have begun receiving vaccinations against Covid-19.

The vaccinations took place at Mittaphap and Setthathirath Hospitals in Vientiane Capital, in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister, Somdy Douangdy, and Minister of Health, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boungkong Sihavong.

Dr. Bounkong said the Chinese-developed Sinopharm vaccine has been used to vaccinate Lao medical workers, authorities working at border checkpoints, and those working at state quarantine facilities.

Some 423 doses of Sinopharm vaccines have already been deployed to vaccinate 298 people, with 125 workers having received a second dose without any side effects, said Dr. Bounkong.

Minister of Health Dr Bounkong Receives Vaccination Against Covid-19
Minister of Health Dr. Bounkong Sihavong Receives Vaccination Against Covid-19.

“We expect to vaccinate 1.5 million people this year, or around 22 percent of the population of Laos,” said Dr. Boungkong.

“We hope to reach 70 percent of the population by 2023,” Dr. Bounkong added.

Laos received 2,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine from China, while the Russian government provided a shipment of its “Sputnik V” Covid-19 vaccine last week.

Laos is also one of 92 countries to receive assistance from the COVAX alliance, with an estimated 15 to 20 percent of the Lao population to benefit from these vaccines by April 2021.


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