Meet the Tallest Man in Laos

Meet the tallest man in Laos

The tallest man in Laos, standing at 2.23 meters high, is Mr. Phoudoi of Namsay Theung Village, Pathoumphone District, in Champasack Province.

31-year-old Phoudoi Xayachack, who lives some 30 kilometers from Pakse, stands 2.23 meters tall, towering over everyone else in his village.

Phoudoi says he was born a normal child, however, he began to suffer from abnormal growth in his youth.

He told the Laotian Times that his body began to grow rapidly, and doctors said that the overproduction of growth hormones in his brain caused the problem.


Phudoi poses with nurses from the ... hospital
Phudoi poses with nurses from a local hospital.

While Phoudoi has never been examined by experts, it is believed that he suffers from a form of gigantism, which occurs when too much growth hormone is released during childhood, causing a person to become unusually tall.

Growth hormone levels that are excessively high are dangerous to an individual’s health due to an increased risk of heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Phoudoi is the family’s second child, growing up on a farm with six siblings. All of his siblings are of average height.

His childhood life was normal, much like other children, and his parents encouraged him to live a normal life as much as possible. Although born to a poor family, he says this has not been an issue for him.

Custom made flip flops
Phoudoi has worn the same custom-made flip flops for over two years.

“The main problem is my health. I am now unable to walk and need to use a cane to support my body after I fell last year. My knee is now very painful,” Phoudoi said.

“Due to my ill health, I can no longer work to support my family. This has made my life very difficult,” says Phoudoi.

While Phoudoi is unable to receive expert medical care in Laos, his family is very poor and cannot afford to purchase items to make his life more comfortable. Phoudoi says he has worn the same custom-made pair of flip flops for the last two years.

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