Bokeo Authorities Issue Notice on “New Normal Life”

Bokeo tightens Covid-19 prevention measures


Authorities have issued a notice asking residents to embrace “New Normal life” across Bokeo Province in order to ensure prevention and control of Covid-19 outbreaks.

According to the notice issued by the Bokeo Provincial Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control yesterday, the “New Normal Life” procedures have been disseminated to assist in the prevention and control of Covid-19in Bokeo Province.

Bokeo Province, home to the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, has seen illegal entry by Chinese nationals in recent months, causing fears of a second wave of Covid-19 in Laos.

Residents have been instructed to continue social distancing, wash their hands frequently and wear face masks at all times when leaving the home and especially at markets, restaurants, or other places with more than two people.

All traditional festivals including weddings, funerals, and other events will be allowed, however, the number of participants must be limited, and medical workers must be available on site to undertake temperature checks.

Schools must fully implement social distancing measures, and hand sanitizer must be made available to all students and staff.

Restaurants and entertainment venues must move to takeaway services or deliver to homes and hotels, and customers must record their contact details prior to receiving service.

According to the notice, residents should cooperate with authorities in monitoring the illegal entry of foreigners or Lao citizens returning through illegal channels while neighboring countries, particularly Thailand and Myanmar, continue to battle second waves of Covid-19.

Bokeo’s Tonpheung District went into lockdown last month for a second time following the news of a Chinese worker infected with Covid-19.