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Rediscover the appeal of Shimane. Mt. Sanbe has been introduced in the famous media “Ra-Chi-Go”.

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 17 February 2021 A drive tour plan for the Mt. Sanbe area was introduced on the tourist information website “Ra-Chi-Go” for those in Taiwan and Hong Kong. As well as the spots with seven must-try local dishes, you can also find traditional Japanese “fireplace” experiences, an abundant number of activities, and Instagram-worthy photo spots at the farmhouse “Mikuniya”. The tourist attracting power of Mt. Sanbe appears to be receiving a lot of attention currently.

The Sanbeyama area, located in the centre of the Shimane Prefecture, includes Oda City, Iinan Town, and Misato Town. It takes about an hour by car to reach famous sightseeing spots such as Izumo. “Ra-Chi-Go” has a list of 7 local dishes that you definitely want to eat in this area, such as Shimane beef, Iwami beef, Okuizumo Wagyu beef, and Yamakujira hamburger steak. For instance, “Iwami no Mori Starry Sky Restaurant” opened in October 2019. At the outdoor restaurant directly managed by Iwami Winery, meals can be enjoyed in the wilderness, and their homemade wine, made using home grown grapes, is recommended as a souvenir.

The Mt. Sanbe area is brimming with outdoor activities and atmosphere of the four seasons can be seen. “Ra-Chi-Go” also introduces the cherry blossom trees along the Ushio Sakura Highway situated around the former Ushio Station on the JR Sanko Line, a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. In spring, the pink cherry blossom tunnel is a must-see. In autumn, apple picking can be experienced at “Akagi Kogen Kanko Apple Garden” or chestnut picking at “Noma Kanko Kurien”. At the mega-luxurious open-air hot spring at “Kokuminshuku Sanbeso”, going in the hot spring while gazing at the starry sky is a luxurious experience that can only be had at Mt. Sanbe.

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