Mr. Martyn Bone, Mr. Christopher FitzGerald, Ms.Pathana Panyathip, H.E. John Pearson, Mr. David Bant, and Mr. Anthony Chin Min Khon

On the 25th February, Panyathip International School held a press conference to officially announce to the greater Vientiane community of its recent successful applications to join the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) and the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).

In the school’s continued pursuit of being the leader of British Education in Laos, Panyathip went through a long and rigorous application and inspection process from FOBISIA and COBIS to ensure that it met the expectations of being one of their member schools.

Mr. Colin Bell, CEO of COBIS, congratulated the school for their hard work and achievements.

Mr. Christopher FitzGerald, Managing Director, who ensured that the school met the rigorous compliance checks, spoke about the school’s journey to reach international safeguarding standards, which the school has worked hard to develop throughout the past four years. 

Perhaps the most important point of all is what Ms. Pathana Panyathip, Founder and CEO of Panyathip International School discussed – the motivation behind her decision to pursue membership of both FOBISIA and COBIS. “As a parent, I have always strived to create a safe school for our children where they can fully learn to become the best that they can be” said Ms. Panyathip.

Ms Pathana Panyathip shares her motivation behind the schools drive to international safeguarding standards

His Excellency Mr. John Pearson, UK Ambassador to Laos, attended the event and spoke about the significance of Panyathip International School’s membership to FOBISIA and COBIS and how this is in line with Education is Great, the UK Embassy’s push for UK Education in Laos. “One last point I would like to mention is that even though Panyathip is an established institution, the school is open to get feedback and comments from external parties on how they can improve the school, and that to me speaks highly of the vision of the school” said H.E. John Pearson. 

Campus Principals also highlighted the benefits  how their respective students, parents and even teachers have benefitted from these memberships and towards the end of the event, 

Mr. Christopher FitzGerald makes opening remarks to begin the press conference.

It was indeed a very informative evening for all and credit to the event’s success goes to the guests from the media, as well as our friends and parents who attended. Rest assured that this is just the beginning of many great things to come as Panyathip International School continues to lead British education to even greater heights in Laos.

Mr. John Gwen Jones, CEO of FOBISIA, praised the school for their achievements and involvement in recent regional inter-school competitions.
Mr. John Gwen Jones, CEO of FOBISIA, praised the school for its achievements and involvement in recent regional inter-school competitions.

As the country continues to develop within the education sector, Panyathip continues to lead the way for higher standards in international schools in Laos.