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Houphanh Teacher Sacked After ‘Treating Students Like Animals’

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A teacher has been dismissed from a kindergarten in Houaphanh Province after a video was released showing her mistreating students.

The video was leaked to social media, causing a stir among viewers, who have said the teacher treated the students like animals.

The incident occurred last week at Marysavanh Kindergarten and Primary School in Samneua District, Houaphan Province, according to a report by Lao Phatthana News.

CCTV cameras mounted in classrooms at the school enable parents to view their children by mobile phone at any time of day, however, it is unknown who first posted the incident on social media.

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In one video, the teacher can be seen dragging the children across the floor by their legs, as well as walking over a boy’s head, inexcusably insensitive behavior according to Lao traditional customs.

Later video shows the woman throwing snacks to the children on the floor to feed them like poultry.

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Director of Marysavanh Kindergarten and Primary School, Mr. Ampin Oudommavong, says that that the teacher has been instantly sacked.

“We not only fired her from work, but we also contacted the Samneua District Education and Sports Office to conduct an investigation,” Mr. Ampin Oudommavong added.

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