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SSIVIX Lab’s MyCLNQ One-Stop Digital Health App Serves The Community Amid Covid-19

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 15 March 2021 – In a bid to keep up with the trends of digital transformation in healthcare, SSIVIX Lab Singapore based social enterprise HealthTech company, focussing on connected health also known as technology-enabled care (TEC) which involves the convergence of health technology, digital media, and mobile devices. It enables patients, carers, and healthcare professionals (HCP’s) to access data and Information more easily and Improve the quality and outcomes of healthcare and social care. At a time where technology has acted as a driving force in healthcare, the company is making a strategic approach towards patient-centric care, bridging healthcare gaps with technology, and successfully running a connected health ecosystem called “MyCLNQ” which is a one stop solution for all family healthcare needs. The AI enabled mobile app focuses on telemedicine, mHealth, eHealth services. The company believes in providing affordable healthcare and age friendly environment for patient and elderly care.

According to a report made by NCBI, it was suggested that more than 40% of IoT technology will be health-related as of last year. With these figures expected to rise in the following years, SSIVIX Lab recognizes the need to implement new and technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem to digitally transform and improve patient experience. “Traditionally healthcare service sector is always provider/organizational centric where we Ssivix Lab trying to make a paradigm shift from provider to patient centric model, to empower patient towards personalized care.” Says Anwar Rafique, CEO Ssivix Lab.

At its very core, digital healthcare ecosystem aims to be patient-centric, focusing on wellness and prevention instead of only treatment. By leveraging on the accessibility and convenience of smart devices, MyCLNQ can provide patients with high-quality treatment anywhere and anytime, with just a simple click of a button. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and as of today more than 50,000+ individuals have downloaded the app and have benefitted from it.

Incorporated technologies have made this possible. For instance, MyCLNQ’s built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allows patients to receive aid from virtual doctors and chatbots in their preferred language. It will also offer location-based suggestions for relevant clinics and doctors that are accessible and convenient by distance. In addition, the app also allows users to schedule their advanced appointments online, effectively reducing waiting times at clinics and hospitals.

Dr Wong Weng Hong, a veteran senior healthcare manager with over 30 years of experience, who recently joined the advisory board of Ssivix Lab says “there has been a rise of on-demand healthcare where consumers like to have services at their own convenience, on their own time, and wherever they happen to be. Healthcare industry is entering the era of digital innovation, as patients seek customized healthcare needs for greater efficiency and effectiveness and at a lower or sustainable cost. The healthcare AI-powered tools and Big data aggregate a lot of information and will help users to obtain accurate and relevant online medical information and connect users to the correct services and products, faciliting better preventive care and recovery. The healthcare system is undergoing a seismic shift in how information is obtained and disseminated. MyCLNQ AI ecosystem will set up a digital path for consumers to avail the whole spectrum of healthcare needs on fingertips”.

The benefits of these emerging healthcare technologies also extend beyond patients’ needs, but also to over 745+ healthcare practitioners that SSIVIX Lab has partnered up with. Through the digital platform, this infrastructure offers an avenue for multidisciplinary, cross-organisational and collaborative healthcare delivery. The use of MyCLNQ provides accessible databases, where they are able to efficiently and effectively track and diagnose patient illnesses for customised medical and treatment services.

Through the incorporation of telemedicine, AI, IoT and blockchain technology, SSIVIX Lab continues to push for digital healthcare ecosystem solutions to better meet the rising healthcare expectations in Asia and only provider with wide range of services at one platform. Company has strategic SEA expansion plan including India and have kicked off India operations since beginning of 2021.

For more information, please visit https://ssivixlab.com

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