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Champathong Garden Resort Issues Statement on Fire

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Champathong Garden Resort has issued a statement following a fire that broken out at on Tuesday at the Vang Vieng resort.

Champathong Garden Resort issued a statement regarding the fire, explaining the cause and informing the public that it remains open for business.

The fire broke out on Tuesday afternoon, with three zones of the resort building completely destroyed.

A nearby fire lit to clear scrubland outside the resort was found to be the cause of the blaze, according to the statement by Champathong Garden Resort.

The fire spread rapidly, reaching electric cables and spreading to resort rooms.

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The fire burned through several buildings at the resort, damaging zone D. Fortunately, zone C suffered only a damaged roof.

The Vang Vieng fire department provided assistance in putting out the blaze, as well as local volunteers.

Champathong Garden Resort says it is still open for business, with some areas temporarily closed for repairs.

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